About Me



Thank you for visiting my newest creative venture…a blog.  As anyone who has met me in person knows, my average conversation is a blog post.  So, this should be easy, right?  We’ll let you be the judge…

The parameters are these:

  1. If you find this place interesting, please share or link to this page so that others can enjoy it too!
  2. As I become more familiar with this whole blogging thing, I’m sure a “content theme” will develop…or maybe several.  As this occurs, the name, look, and organization will change.  Don’t be worried…the content is still here!
  3. My favorite activity is conversation.  Please comment!  Engage, engage, engage!

So, who am I?

Glad you asked…

My name is Kristopher Jordan, and I am a recent graduate from Miami University of Ohio with a Master of Music in Vocal Performance.  Interestingly, as much as I love music, I have no interest in pursuing the life of a professional singer.  This, as you can probably imagine, is a bit problematic…

I have many diverse interests and am currently searching for my next career in…

  • Arts Administration?
  • Higher Education?
  • Consulting?
  • Writing/ Editing?
  • Public Service?

Who knows?

What do you think?